The weekend started off very slow, rain washed out our last qualifying run and all of Friday as well. We did a lot of hanging around telling "war" stories. Those types of weekends can be very difficult, you tend to get into a laxidasical state of mind. I tried to do a little bit of exercise and running while dodging rain drops just to keep active. We ended up qualifying in the #24 position out of 32. This was an extremely fast field of Top Sportsman cars, the bump ended up at 7.018. On the last run we were actually worried about not qualifying, we debated whether to change launch RPM, Shift points and Rear gears to try and pick it up a bit. More and more Top Sportsman cars are using huge engines and even equip them with more power by adding Nitrous. This makes our 760 cubic in Engine seem slow! Remarkable if you think about it. I’m not going to go into a round by round breakdown, but you can check the results by clicking here.

I really owe this Race win to my entire crew. They definitely do not get enough credit. A lot of Top Sportsman teams have their cars set-up to basically "Fuel-n-Go" but lately we have been incorporating a new system to our program that limits the amount of mistakes and gives us the best chance of consistent runs. This new system entails a lot of work for the crew. Chris Cherry, Mark Wiktorowski and my father John, busted their butts in the muggy weather to get the car turned around every run on Sunday with limited time between rounds and I never have to worry about anything falling off which gives me a clear mind when letting go of the transbrake button. In the end we were hoisting our first "PEWTER" Wally as a team in the winner circle which put a exclamation point on our Dream weekend. Congrats is due to Gino Fagnilli who gave us a tough race in the final by running dead on his 6.98 dial. He is a nice guy and fierce competitor and I’m sure he will get a win sooner than later in this tough class.

Our next race is the NHRA Divisional @ Lebanon Valley Dragway in New York. Please check back for results.

Thanks for Reading.


June 29, 2011

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